Technologies Adopted by the Senior Living and Care Markets

Senior Living and Senior Care facilities are understaffed and overworked all over the US.

In this webinar, our panelists will discuss:

  • How COVID has changed the Senior Living and Care industry
  • How Senior Living managers are upgrading their facilities with innovative technologies
  • Strategies to leverage data in light of new technologies

With years of experience, each of the webinar panelists is an expert in his field.


  • Justin Smith

    Justin Smith

    Innovation and Technology Manager
    at Direct Supply

  • Herschi Krohner

    Herschi Krohner

    Founder & CEO
    at eCap & eCore Summits

  • Bernie McGuinness

    Bernie McGuinness

    CEO at Majestic Care

  • Avi Katz

    Avi Katz

    Director of Contracts and Vendor Integrity
    at Centers Healthcare

  • Iftach Cohen

    Iftach Cohen

    Co-Founder and CEO
    at Setpoint.ai