Safest Home Away from Home

Hoteliers all over the US are looking for ways to brand their buildings as the safest and cleanest homes away from home in the New Normal.

In this webinar, our panelists will discuss:

  • How COVID has changed the hospitality industry
  • How hoteliers are upgrading their hotels in the New Normal
  • Tips and strategies moving forward

With years of experience, each of the webinar panelists is an expert in his field.


  • Sami Shiro

    Sami Shiro

    Hotel Owner and Board Member
    at Driftwood Acquisitions & Development LP

  • Geoffrey Allan Mills

    Geoffrey Allan Mills

    Regional VP & General Manager
    at Hudson Hotel in New York, and SBE Lifestyle Hospitality

  • Ray Kwiatek

    Ray Kwiatek

    VP of Sales
    at Setpoint.ai

  • Gal Bareket (Moderator)

    Gal Bareket (Moderator)

    Founder and CEO
    at Routier