HotelPoint 2023 OFFER

Pay only 50% of the
Climate Intelligence Platform cost !

(the other 50% are contingent upon reaching savings goals)

Setpoint empowers hoteliers to elevate the guest experience,
with agile Climate Intelligence that goes beyond climate control.

Emphasizing innovative capabilities:

  • Full Remote HVAC Control over both room and common areas. Easy and intuitive remote monitoring and control from any device, minimizing staff workload to assist with workforce shortages.
  • Compatibility. A climate node network, that can connect to and control all end-units: Fan Coils, Heat Pumps, PTACs, RTUs, etc.
  • 360 connected sensing. Includes a full array of temperature, humidity, occupancy, door and window connected sensors.
  • Room Thermal Profiling. Advanced Machine Learning, enables room automated indoor climate automation, based on its unique thermal profile.
  • Precise Occupancy ™. A unique feature, that ensures smooth room climate automation and energy savings, without compromising guest comfort.
  • Predictive Maintenance. The system undergoes constant performance analysis that enables it to identify abnormalities in performance and address them before HVAC issues arise.
  • Energy Demand Management. The platform controls all HVAC units, enabling automated peak-demand control and cutting utility costs.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team. A dedicated support and success team, that proactively works with the hotel staff to ensure the performance of the system.

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* Offer is limited to the first 5 hotels

* Offer expires August 31, 2023


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