Setpoint’s eCAP 2022 Offer

Setpoint empowers senior living owners to elevate their residents’ experience, with agile climate Intelligence that goes beyond climate control.

What we do:

Setpoint’s system is the first self-learning plug & play Climate Intelligence platform for skilled nursing facilities.

Using data-driven AI, the innovative platform helps overcome staff shortages by providing indoor climate automation and predictive maintenance.

The system optimizes staff workloads and climate settings throughout your facility, while dramatically cutting energy consumption.

With Setpoint’s Climate Intelligence platform, your SNF can:

  • Increase NOI by up to $15K per year (per 100 rooms)
  • Manage all HVAC units remotely and automatically
  • Monitor air quality in conjunction with air purification solutions

eCAP 2022 OFFER:

Get 50% off of the Setpoint Climate Intelligence Platform for up to 3 Facilities*.


*Offer expires March 30, 2022

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