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7 Oct. 2020

We’re proud to introduce one of our finest, please meet ZES’s Project Manager: Yaron Klein.

Yaron plays a pivotal role in all aspects of the Operations team – from highly technical installation challenges to overall direction and management of subcontractors and technical teams out of the NY office. Yaron’s ability to multitask projects as well as to keep deliverables on schedule – is truly unique and absolutely essential to the success of ZES system launches and maintenance.

We asked Yaron some questions, to get a better understanding of his day to day work, as well as to gain some insight into what he’s most passionate about. Here’s what we learned:


What do you most like about your job?

Being with the company for years, I’ve had the pleasure to watch it grow and develop, becoming better for the environment as well as for our customers. I enjoy being able to build strong relationships with our customers as well as other stakeholders (subcontractors, business partners, etc..).

My main efforts revolve around providing efficient and effective solutions to our customers, in a precise and timely manner. Delivering our tailored and innovative solutions helps build mutual trust with customers, and creates that overall feeling that I got their back.


What are some key skills for success in this type of role?

I think being a people’s person is super important. It’s the foundation of all our future work together, and helps greatly with ongoing communication. Additionally, a unique combination of being super-technical (to quickly understand different infrastructures and adjust our technology) and being very attentive to our customers during and after deployment (to gather feedback for ongoing fast development of our products) is highly important.

Multitasking is also a “nice to have” skill, I guess (Yaron laughed at this point).


When faced with challenges, what do you do?

No big philosophy – I just take on any challenge head first, and aim to deliver quickly and efficiently. A quick brainstorm with the team always helps, providing interesting insight that I can then incorporate into my work.


Could you share a satisfying moment you had at work?

I got a call at midnight from the Director of Operations of a hotel we’re working with a few weeks ago, with a maintenance question which I was able to provide over-the-phone guidance for. I instead opted to drive in and provide a fix in person, as this would’ve just been easier and faster. We resolved the issue in under an hour, and we were both able to head back home before 1am.

The next day I got a really appreciative and warm phone call from the hotel GM, letting me know that my efforts were appreciated, and they are very happy with our services and quick responses.

This was a truly satisfying experience, and I’m working towards creating more of these moments of appreciation ever since.


We’re proud to have people like Yaron as part of our amazing company, he’s an awesome addition to the team! If you would like to hear more how quickly our Climate Intelligence System can be installed with a simple Plug & Play, please click below. One of our climate comfort experts will be happy to speak with you!