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16 Sep. 2020

We’re proud to introduce one of our finest, please meet ZES’s Customer Support Manager: Noa Edry.

Noa spearheads all product support for our customers and oversees the entire customer onboarding process – from introduction to company products, to installation and then ongoing availability to all questions and needs. Her role also includes constant communication with our on-site installation teams, ensuring our Climate Intelligence customers get the right fix – whatever the challenge.

We asked Noa some questions, to get a better understanding of her day to day work, as well as to gain some insight into what she’s most passionate about.

What do you most like about your job?

I love how versatile and multifaceted my work is, no two days are the same. I enjoy working with the highly talented Operations Team to ensure every task is completed to perfection, with the support of all other departments as well.

We’re a fast-paced company, constantly developing new products and features to address our customers’ needs.

In my mind, being able to provide our customers with creative and innovative solutions, and new exciting technologies is what really matters, and it’s what makes this job so impactful for me.

What are some key skills for success in this type of role?

This role requires many different skills, and there is no one perfect combination for success.

That being said, I believe the abilities to listen and be responsive are of the utmost importance, as customers often require a listening ear before all else. It’s obvious that being able to provide quick solutions, the ability to multitask and think outside the box – are all amazing skills to have.

At the end of the day, I think that being a people person who enjoys a good challenge – is what will really make a difference.

Office IAQ Sensor

When faced with challenges, what do you do?

I believe that listening to questions comes first, then understanding what type of work needs to be done, and then working toward crafting an innovative solution, would be how I approach challenges. But then again – each new day is different – and that’s what makes my role so unique and exciting.

Could you share a satisfying moment you had at work?

Well, when COVID19 started, we heard our customers needed a solution for a touchless system to help them remain operational while at the same time following social distancing and hygiene requirements.

We immediately got to work on our Ship & Deploy process, allowing our customers to receive and install our Climate Intelligence System without the need of technicians or external personnel. The instant Plug & Play process helped make the system setup simple and intuitive. Now, all system monitoring can be done remotely, from the front desk or even from home!

This was truly a satisfying experience, and this is what makes me love coming in to work every day.


We’re proud to have people like Noa as part of our company, she’s an invaluable asset to the team! If you would like to hear more about our Ship & Deploy process for our Climate Intelligence System, please click below. One of our climate comfort experts will be happy to speak with you!