Setpoint Blog


30 Sep. 2020

We’re proud to introduce one of our most charismatic colleagues, please meet ZES’s Sales Development Representative: Alex Shandrovsky.

Alex’s key characteristics are his continuous efforts to learn and improve quickly. Alex is passionate about working with people, being attentive and empathic – and most importantly – getting the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to challenges. His role includes industry research, reaching out to prospects looking for a climate automation solution, as well as collaborating with other departments on company-wide initiatives.


We asked Alex some questions, to get a better understanding of his day to day work, as well as to gain some insight into what he’s most passionate about.


What do you most like about your job?

There are many things I’m passionate about, here’s some just off the top of my head. I like providing potential customers with a solution I truly believe in, I feel like I’m part of something bigger and better for the world.

Additionally, as I’m a people person, I enjoy working with folks, learning and listening to what’s going on in their business, focusing and advocating for their needs.

What brings it all in is the fact that I’m able to provide people with  a customized solution – especially now in the New Normal.

What are some key skills for success in this type of role?

The golden ticket here really is all about Empathy. Really being able to listen, connect and understand the person I’m talking to, hearing their needs, and within one conversation being able to bring value.

Having that certainty that I’m truly helping my customers adapt their businesses to these post-pandemic times, and making their jobs easier by providing tools for simplifying their day to day.

When faced with challenges, what do you do?

As my type of work requires a lot of challenge solving and focus, I find that taking occasional breaks to discuss these scenarios with my team members to be most effective. I learned that collaborating with colleagues from different departments truly provides me with that out-of-the-box thinking that ultimately leads to an elegant and innovative answer.

1 + 1 truly equals 3, when it comes to teamwork.

Could you share a satisfying moment you had at work?

There are so many that come to mind, as nothing quite beats that amazing feeling of touching base with industry experts and learning all about what’s making businesses tick.

That being said, I find myself looking forward to attending weekly company meetings, where all departments come together to share information on projects from the past week, and work together to plan future goals. These meetings are both extremely interesting as well as fun, as we all get to chat with colleagues (both in the office and international) over snacks and drinks. I’m lucky to be part of a big and meaningful team, on our mission to change the world.


We’re proud to have people like Alex as part of our company, he’s an invaluable asset to the team! If you would like to hear more about our Ship & Deploy process for our Climate Intelligence System, please click below. Alex and the climate comfort experts team are looking forward to speaking with you!