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Top 5 Technology Trends for 2022

18 Jan. 2022
Top 5 Technology Trends for 2022

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that technology is not only here to stay but to grow, with increased amounts each year. Let’s take a look at what some of the top technology trends are for this new chapter…

#1 Comfort is king

After stressful moments during the pandemic, people have wanted more than ever to just relax–and not take care of how to do it. Tech companies have definitely taken notice of this and they are now increasingly creating products designed to help users relax and decompress when they aren’t typing at a computer or Zooming into a meeting. 


From smart beds that can nudge you when it is time to wake up, to bathtubs that maintain consistent water temperature and air purifiers that add aromas to the room, people and especially hotel guests have become increasingly drawn to an automated comfort experience.


Most of all, Climate Tech has also been a crucial part of the hospitality comfort experience. From regulating air quality to sensing who is in the room and even memorizing the AC patterns of guests, smart room control has been doing it all. 


More and more, technology efforts today have proven that comfort really is king in 2022.


#2 Keeping tabs on the environment


Multiple major technology companies have talked up efforts to make their products more environmentally friendly. That includes using more recycled materials, automating devices to make them easier to repair, and overall tying products and services to certain sustainability goals for the coming year.

The increased governmental efforts to keep tabs on the environment is also a major influence. The United States has been exploring mandatory disclosure on climate risks and The United Kingdom has said that it will introduce mandatory climate-related financial reporting for the first time (Eco Business).

Carbon Credits

Moreover, many countries and organizations have taken steps to decarbonize through carbon credits. Carbon credits are an internationally recognized way for organizations to manage and make up for their carbon emissions. Carbon credits are generated from specific projects around the world that pull greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, and each time a project is verified, one carbon credit is created.

It’s likely that we’ll be seeing the purchase and trade of more carbon credits this year.

With businesses and institutions putting more emphasis on climate change, sustainability in technology will continue to be a major trend for 2022.

#3 Decision Intelligence & Generative AI

Advances in AI self-awareness and self-learning have enabled users to directly customize applications to their particular needs and preferences and even predict important climate-related events and manage our responses to natural disasters before they even happen. AI can make daily tasks easier and optimize time-management for businesses everywhere.

“In pre-disaster settings, artificial intelligence and visual insights could have the power to save lives. AI is able to improve our weather forecasting and can even warn people in time to evacuate before the disaster occurs,” says an article by Forbes


AI will get smarter and sharper. Gartner says, “By 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modelling.” (Sunday Guardian).


“Decision intelligence will be the improved version of AI, which includes social nuances, real world complications and humanised approach. Such AI will go beyond pure numbers and data-based results to concept-based output” (Sunday Guardian)


But most of all, AI can be harnessed to assist buildings with day-to-day tasks and complex decision-making. AI makes life a lot easier for businesses and employees.


#4 Increased Workplace Automation


The pandemic effects in 2021 created a major labor shortage that has increased the demand for workplace automation. This will help businesses fill gaps created by the labor shortage while optimizing staff. 


In retail and hospitality, automation will take the form of self-serve counters, autonomous order fulfillments and more online check-in and check-outs, thus freeing people up for higher-skilled roles. We’ll see even more technology be used in sectors such as Skilled Nursing with centralized management that reduces overhead costs and allows remote control, improving overall efficiency. We offer this exact service, with cloud-data management that uniquely tailor all of your residents’ experiences while cutting down on your operational costs.


2022 predicts to have even more automated control in most work environments and it’s exciting to see what more new technology will emerge as the year unfolds.

#5 Metaverse, even in the workplace


Metaverse used to just be a thing of avatars and entertainment, but we are seeing its increased appearance and use in the workplace this year.


The first steps into the metaverse will probably be for our jobs. The prolonged pandemic and new strains have pushed companies toward virtual reality for onboarding, training and meetings.


According to the Washington Post, “As consumer tech catches up, though, the metaverse will seep out of the workplace and into our everyday lives — but don’t get too excited. There’s a long way to go and lots of questions to answer before what tech companies are pitching as ‘the metaverse’ becomes a reality.”


It’s exciting to take part in this new year of technology and as more and more trends develop, we’ll see how else buildings, facilities, and the rest of us innovate to keep up with our ever-changing world.


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