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Top 3 items in a Hoteliers Wishlist

21 Mar. 2022
Top 3 items in a Hoteliers Wishlist

It’s clear that running a hotel is an in-depth and very meticulous job and hoteliers face the many challenges that come with that. The past year has made these challenges even harder which is why we’ve come up with a Hoteliers Wishlist that anticipates all your challenges – and provides you with adequate solutions.
Understaffed hotel buildings call for smarter technologies to help with workloads. This wishlist details all the solutions to your biggest pain points and challenges as a hotel owner and/or building manager.

#1 Precise Occupancy Sensing

The first thing on the hotelier’s wishlist is Precise Occupancy Sensing.

Hotels have been increasingly adopting smart technologies, specifically smart thermostats, in order to lower excessive energy consumption. It all starts once a guest arrives. As soon as a guest checks in, the hotel PMS puts the room in an “occupied” state, which triggers a series of events. The room temperature adjusts to a comfortable level and then to a more “energy-saving” setting when not occupied. Real-time sensors allow changes in occupancy on a room-by-room basis to be detected, thus saving you even more money on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

The balance between guest comfort and energy efficiency is one of the most important factors for the hospitality industry right now. Hotels are realizing that it’s impossible to obtain significant energy savings and an enhanced guest experience without accurately detecting occupancy in the guest room. Precise occupancy sensing has become a necessity.

So many hoteliers struggle to control the air conditioning in the rooms. While some motion-controlled sensors may be beneficial, they aren’t necessarily accurate. Guests may go to sleep and the motion-controlled sensors may signal the air conditioning to go off, thus causing guests to wake up in the middle of the night if it gets too hot or the temperature isn’t to their comfort.

However, with the right combination of motion (PIR) sensors and door sensors, precise occupancy can absolutely be achieved. Our Climate Node Network of sensors bypasses this hurdle by synchronizing different room sensors, door sensors, and PIR sensors. The precise occupancy algorithm merges these separate indications into a unified decision.
Our comprehensive occupancy-based strategy provides a much more accurate understanding of whether or not someone is in the room. We maximize reliability, guest comfort, and total energy savings, while also lowering your costs.

#2 Predictive Maintenance

It’s no surprise that the next most wanted feature on the list is predictive maintenance.
Predictive maintenance refers to the data-driven, perceptive maintenance methods that are designed to monitor equipment conditions and help predict when maintenance and check-ups should be performed–basically, detecting possible defects so that they can be fixed and processed before any real issue arises.
As a hotel manager, predictive maintenance allows you to inspect facilities such as air conditioning units (HVACs), plumbing, heating, and lighting on a regular basis, in order to prevent unexpected scenarios.
Managing a hotel means you’re already busy enough. Unexpected repairs are the last thing you would want. We understand that you don’t want to be in a situation where guests have to call reception to let them know that the air conditioning unit broke and then take time out of their day to get the air conditioning unit fixed.
Luckily, Setpoint’s predictive maintenance feature prevents any of this from happening, and on top of that, it ensures that you keep your hotel’s reputation as it should be. Hotel guests shouldn’t have to worry about any unexpected issues and predictive maintenance can take care of it before anyone notices that something went wrong.
We tackle HVAC health on two levels:
Filter Timers: Enabling you to set an alarm whenever the HVAC filters must get cleaned, preventing clogged filters and malfunctioning equipment.
A/C Diagnostics: Keeping track of your HVAC’s performance over time, allowing you to easily detect when your HVAC is underperforming – and get it looked at – fast.

#3 Housekeeping Routing

As a hotel owner, we understand that housekeeping is one of the most important parts of ensuring guest hygiene, comfort, and satisfaction.
Our occupancy sensing has an added plus! Not only can you use sensors to augment HVAC usage, but you can also use them to create a real-time map of vacant rooms in the hotel, calculating the best route for the housekeeping team to hit all those free rooms without having to go up and down floors or waste any time. Moreover, it’s a good way to provide better service without compromising your guests’ privacy. With our precise occupancy algorithm, you skip the risk of entering a room when a guest is still present.
The added value the sensors provide is unmatched when it comes to maintenance and proper housekeeping.
As you can see, a precise occupancy sensing strategy is necessary for efficient hotel operations and optimal guest comfort.

Fulfilling this wishlist is key to lessening the challenges and making life easier for hoteliers–and luckily, that’s all possible with our Climate Intelligence solution.

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