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Technologies to Revive Your Hotel

21 Jul. 2021
Technologies to Revive Your Hotel

As hospitality returns and hotels reopen, hotel owners must implement new strategies in order to keep guests safe, comfortable, and happy during their stay. Here are some recommended technologies that can help revive hospitality while maintaining excellence and excitement:

Smart Rooms

Digitalization has been a major trend that continues to drive our daily routines. Many technologies have made our routines easier and more comfortable. Technologies like voice control and facial recognition can enhance a guest’s personal experience and make them feel more at home.

From motion sensors that turn on lights to smart alarms and digital room keys, these technologies can also provide cool, futuristic experiences. Most importantly, it reduces contact with commonly touched surfaces, once again allowing guests to stay safe and staff to sanitize faster.


IoT Water Monitoring Systems

By combining software, hardware, and wireless communications, IoT water monitoring systems can help hotels increase productivity and sustainability. Water monitoring solutions aid in leakage detection, water pressure management, sewer overflows, and even water quality.

Driven by smart sensors, this technology prevents water wastage and reduces energy bills. IoT water monitoring systems can send alerts when there is a detected amount of severe water usage, allowing hotels to be more mindful of their water consumption, ultimately providing a more sustainable experience for their guests.


Smart Lighting Systems

Hotel room smart lighting systems are a perfect way to save energy and provide guests the control that they desire. Linked to individual remote touchpads like an iPad, this system allows guests to have direct freedom over their preferences. This is especially great for a generation that is accustomed to real and virtual environments that can be easily adapted to make choices that can be comforting.

Some other innovative LED lighting solutions can even be used to help control circadian rhythms that regulate a good night’s sleep. Guests are able to easily adjust the light to a spectrum that evokes alertness and enhances focus during the day, and then change to the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum at night in preparation for bedtime.

Most importantly, hotel lighting control systems include occupancy sensors that turn the lights on or off as guests come and go, which allows energy to be saved at one moment and a warm welcoming at the next.


Smart Indoor Climate Management

Smart indoor climate management systems use machine-learning algorithms to constantly analyze historical room thermal profiles and peak demand levels in order to optimize energy consumption all year round. 

Smart indoor climate management systems can reduce hotel HVAC energy costs by up to 20-40% percent and also significantly increase the resale value of hotels. Since they’re automated, they’re also touchless and can definitely aid in keeping guests safe and healthy during these times. 

Setpoint provides smart indoor climate management that allows maintenance and staff to automatically adjust room climate settings to predefined parameters, providing centralized management over indoor climate–while optimizing energy usage. Our Climate Intelligence platform is AI-driven and can integrate within the hotel’s Property Management Systems (PMS). It can save a crucial amount of energy as well as reduce HVAC costs for hotels during peak hours and all year around.

Through smart, touchless technology, Setpoint provides an efficient solution for hotel owners that want to reopen in a safe and timely manner. 


To Sum it Up

The pandemic has brought on many challenges for hotels, but technology is here to provide all the needed solutions in order to revive hospitality once and for all! 

To learn more about Setpoint’s Indoor Climate Intelligence Platform, schedule a call with one of our indoor climate experts.