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How to Prepare Your Hotel for the Revival of Hospitality

20 Jun. 2021
How to Prepare Your Hotel for the Revival of Hospitality

COVID-19 has had a major impact on businesses worldwide. The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic as thousands of hotels had to close their doors due to mandated shutdowns. 


Now, however, hotels are slowly reopening, implementing restoration and recovery procedures in order to revive the business and keep hotel guests safe and healthy. It’s no surprise that hotels are restructuring their business plans and even their facility models in order to thrive in the post #NewNormal.

Here are the top revival strategies to help you and your hotel bounce back with a bang!

Increased focus on health and wellness.

One of the big trends that we are seeing is an increased focus on health and wellness. COVID-19 has instilled a greater interest and priority in sanitation, hygiene, and safety in general. Sanitation is at the top of the list for hotel owners. Suggested solutions of innovative technology include electrostatic sprayers, air ionization equipment, and UV ray machines to disinfect guest rooms. Demand for physical activity centers has also increased with fitness centers being booked more than ever. To facilitate new demand, hotel owners have implemented distanced and timed reservation options for hotel guests, allowing them to work out safely and comfortably.


Contactless and touchless experience.

Major efforts are also being made to establish a safer contactless and touchless experience. More and more hotels are offering digital check-in/check-out options as well as the ability to manage and pay for all services online. QR codes are available at a majority of hotel restaurants with grab-and-go meal options that are always accessible.


Incorporating sustainability into hospitality.

Furthermore, hospitality is seeing an increase in sustainability efforts. With the lack of guests staying at hotels during the pandemic, AC units weren’t in use, and lights were kept off, resulting in major utility bill savings. With business coming back to life, hotels must now adjust their best practices in order to maintain their eco-friendly approach, while still providing guests with a comfortable experience.


Automating maintenance.

Hotel managers must ensure that they keep all rooms functional as they reopen. This includes maintaining all heating and cooling systems in the rooms within a comfortable range of temperatures at all times in order to prevent any indoor climate-caused damage to the hotel infrastructure. Unfortunately, this demands general managers to check up on all guest rooms on a daily basis, switching the heating & cooling systems on and off manually as part of their daily routine. As this can become a very time-consuming process, implementing an Indoor Climate Automation System is crucial. 

Setpoint’s Climate Automation platform is an AI-driven data-based system that integrates completely within the hotel’s BMS.

Setpoint’s system allows maintenance and staff to automatically adjust room climate settings to predefined parameters, providing centralized management over indoor climate– while optimizing energy usage.

Through touchless technology, Setpoint provides an efficient solution for hotel owners that want to reopen in a safe and timely manner. 

To sum it up.

The pandemic has brought on many challenges for a myriad of businesses, but there’s a clear light at the end of the tunnel. Businesses that are able to adapt and innovate in the post New Normal will thrive, becoming a top destination for guests globally.

To learn more about Setpoint’s Indoor Climate Intelligence Platform, schedule a call with one of our indoor climate experts.