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The Importance of Predictive Maintenance

17 Oct. 2021
The Importance of Predictive Maintenance

Imagine that you are the maintenance manager of a 300 room hotel. 


Daily maintenance tasks ranging from daily chores to out-of-the-blue emergencies, all of which must be juggled with accuracy and efficiency. 


While daily tasks may include operational equipment check-ups, implementation of workplace safety, employee supervision, and other frequent inspections, unexpected challenges could still possibly appear in the form of a leaking sink, humidity on walls, or even a malfunctioning air conditioner. 


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get alerts in advance, letting you know that something is about to go wrong? 


First, What is Predictive Maintenance?


Predictive maintenance refers to the data-driven, perceptive maintenance methods that are designed to monitor equipment conditions and help predict when maintenance and check-ups should be performed.


Basically, it detects possible defects so that they can be fixed and processed before any real issue arises.


Examples of predictive maintenance methods include vibration analysis, oil analysis, and thermal imaging. 


Vibration analysis centers around using sensor data to identify abnormalities within a machine’s vibration pattern. With this data collection, one can then use data analytics to measure its operating conditions and then make informed decisions for the future.


Oil analysis programs can provide data that can help determine the health of the oil and the machinery in which it is used, thus reducing uncertainty and risk work for the maintenance department.


Heat is also often an early symptom of equipment damage or malfunction. With thermal imaging, regular equipment temperature check-ups can track operating conditions over time and identify unusual readings in order to prevent further problems.


The Need for Predictive Maintenance in Building Management

As a hotel manager, predictive maintenance allows you to inspect your building system and facilities such as the air conditioning, plumbing, heating, and lighting on a regular basis, in order to prevent unexpected scenarios.


Predictive maintenance allows you to keep a tab on all of the hotel’s maintenance equipment. The “smart system” can enable owners and managers to keep the building environment within a certain temperature range, track humidity, and multiple other factors.

As a hotel building manager, you’re already busy enough. Unexpected repairs are the last thing you would want. 


With this predictive technology, you can prioritize maintenance where it’s most necessary and use your personnel more strategically. On top of that, you can use the data insights to order replacement parts or new equipment before a breakdown, so if a repair is actually needed, it can be made more swiftly and without disruptions.


Predictive Maintenance in Climate Tech


Predictive maintenance in Climate Tech is crucial, as it improves efficiency in facility management and minimizes penalties for the overconsumption of energy.


According to a recent Forbes report, “AI will be a major enabler at the core of climate change technologies.”


“AI is capable of impact decoupling, such as decreasing environmental harm including CO2 emissions, leveraging massive amounts of data, learning algorithms as well as sensing devices. Emissions can be halted in the energy sector by using AI technology to forecast the supply and demand of power for the national grid, improve the scheduling of renewables, and reduce life-cycle fossil fuel emissions through predictive maintenance” (Forbes).


Predictive maintenance optimizes energy by strategically reducing consumption–constantly identifying energy-intensive regions of buildings and times of day. Thus, AI systems can be used in buildings and cities to automatically help control heating and cooling as well as model energy.


It also generates real-time alerts, receiving immediate notifications of faulty functioning by keeping track of the equipment.

Predicting failures not only improves system reliability but it helps asset management and cost estimations–a win, win.


Setpoint’s Predictive Maintenance


Setpoint offers a Climate-as-a-service solution that utilizes a node network and an AI-driven platform to give you centralized control over your indoor climate and optimize energy usage.


This offers the ability to uniquely tailor the guest experience while cutting down on operational costs, optimizing comfort in rooms with residents, and minimizing the costs of empty rooms.


With predictive maintenance, visualizing the past creates more accurate predictions for a better future. 


As a building manager, you will no longer have to worry about unexpected malfunctions that could negatively affect a guest’s experience. Instead, you’ll be breezing through your management tasks relaxed, knowing that predictive maintenance will always have your back to alert you if anything comes up. 


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