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Our Journey to Setpoint

21 Dec. 2020
Our Journey to Setpoint

5 years ago, our founders created Zero Energy Solutions with the goal of cutting energy costs by  controlling indoor climate. However, like most of the world, 2020 changed the way we saw our business.

From the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak we were on a mission to listen and tailor solutions to our clients’ needs. We held regular focus groups with them to develop innovative solutions to the new scope of concerns.

Today, our Climate Intelligence platform monitors and analyzes a myriad of data points to create not just the most comfortable, but the safest indoor climate. After all, every degree matters for the wellbeing of your guests, residents, and staff.

Our company is on a mission to harness technology for enhanced climate comfort and cleaner air. No matter how old the building nor how obsolete the heating & cooling infrastructure is – we aim to digitize and automate your building’s climate.

We’re looking to help businesses thrive in the New Normal, and we thank you for coming along on this journey with us.

Our company mission is set, and we have the perfect starting point for our future.

We are:

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