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How to Make Your SNF More Profitable

5 Apr. 2021
How to Make Your SNF More Profitable

SNF management has never been easy, with management and maintenance costs increasing yearly, and audits looming around every corner – it’s no wonder so many owners are stressed out during the last months of this year, due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Many of our SNF customers have shared their ongoing challenges with us, helping us better understand their needs. While we’re constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our products and services, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways we can help you automate the heating and cooling units in your facility. Simply put – here’s how we can help you increase your bottom line.

Interested? Read on and discover how simple it is to achieve.

A Tale of Compatibility

Finding the right system to manage a wide variety of old PTACs and window units is tough enough, especially when you realize that each unit requires hands-on operation. Here at Setpoint, we sympathise with this conundrum and realize that this is the case with most of our customers. To help with this, we’ve developed a climate node network that can connect to and control all end units: PTACs (new & old), window units of all brands, etc. You can manage all your heating and cooling units easily and simply by choosing to use our Climate Intelligence System.

Bottom line impact: No need to invest in additional solutions or upgrade your existing HVAC units – we’ve got you covered with our simple and compatible network of sensors and controllers. Your journey to energy efficiency starts now!

As Easy as Plug & Play

OK, so you’ve decided to get that new automation system to help with remote control of all rooms and common areas. This usually requires teams of installers and other technicians entering your facility to get the job done.

However, with the COVID19 pandemic out and about, this sort of activity may be quite harmful to residents at risk.

The R&D team here at Setpoint was aware of this delicate matter early on, and they developed a very quick installation process that can be executed in the time it takes for a room to be cleaned. In just under 17 minutes per room, your staff can install our system with a simple plug and play process, enabling you to keep your residents safe while getting the job done.

Bottom line impact: Keep your residents safe and stick to social distancing guidelines while setting up our Climate Intelligence System, saving on installation costs. You’re that much closer to cutting down on your utility bills!

Wireless Sensing Precision

Many systems for HVAC automation require connecting wires from the HVAC units to the controllers, in order to function. As this process is tedious and quite messy, many companies out there realized that a wireless solution is required to simplify the job. However, these wireless networks often require WIFI connectivity, a seemingly simple feature that interferes with your facility’s network speeds.Download Brochure on Climate Intelligence for Skilled Nursing

The Climate Intelligence Network and Platform are connected via a scalable wireless ZigBee network- thus not interfering with WIFI service and other wireless medical devices in use. Sensing is done at the precise location, allowing accurate sensing of the rooms and common areas.

Bottom line impact: No need to disturb current WIFI network workloads, while benefiting from a wireless network and all its pluses. Saving costs has never been this simple and easy to do.

Behind the Scenes Automation

So what can the system actually do? Let’s talk numbers.

The Climate Intelligence Platform can sense, learn, and automate climate comfort in every room. The climate sensors (nodes) pick up a variety of room climate factors, such as occupancy, room temperature, humidity, and open/shut windows and doors, while monitoring and learning user preferences. All data is then sent to the cloud through a set of gateways, where the AI brain behind the system can adjust the indoor climate accordingly. Energy savings are automatically implemented via controllers, going up to 45%, without compromising indoor climate comfort.

The Climate Intelligence Platform monitors and controls all end-units, taking into account local weather and utility tariffs, and enabling automated peak-demand control.

Bottom line impact: Cutting down on energy consumption is the #1 benefit, as well as efficient peak shaving – granting you all those incentives for helping reduce carbon emissions. Maintaining climate comfort while peak shaving – our R&D department is here to ensure you keep those dollars in your pocket.


IAQ Sensing and Monitoring in the New Normal

Everyone is talking about keeping indoor spaces safe and catering to residents’ wellbeing. With safety and health as our number 1 objective, we’ve developed our OakIAQ sensor, enabling you to create the safest environment for residents in the New Normal.

The new IAQ Oak sensor allows monitoring indoor air quality in every room 24/7, validating improved indoor air quality in healthcare management facilities.

Bottom line impact: With IAQ monitoring, alerting and initial remediation protocols in place, you are now able to brand your SNF as the safest senior living facility in the post-pandemic world. This feature is highly crucial for elderly residents’ wellbeing and health, and will help sway decisions in your favor when compared to other facilities without these capabilities.

Predictive Maintenance

Hardware tends to wear down over time, causing maintenance upkeep prices to go up. In many SNFs, maintenance staff simply don’t get around to performing routine checkups on HVAC units, causing them to break down and costing time and money in maintenance fees.

Our smart AI powered Climate Intelligence System was created to address, keep track and alert of upcoming maintenance checkups, to help with this phenomenon. The system undergoes constant automated performance analysis routines, that enable it to identify abnormalities and address them before issues arise and damages are suffered.

Bottom line impact: This one is clear and obvious, running automated predictive maintenance routines behind the scenes both removes this task from maintenance teams, as well as enables you to keep track of hardware health and remediate issues/malfunctions as needed.

Full Remote Control

The Climate Intelligence System enables easy and intuitive remote monitoring and control from any device, while minimizing technical workload onsite. Maintenance and staff are able to check into any room or common area from anywhere, on their laptop, ipad or mobile device.

The Climate Intelligence Platform is agile, enabling staff full control of rooms while occupied, as well as enabling activation of energy saving modes when the rooms are vacant or free.

Bottom line impact: Minimizing the use of HVAC units in empty rooms can be done remotely – either manually or automatically, saving costs is as easy as a tap of a button. Keeping track of overall energy usage and consumption is quick and efficient, and can be done anywhere and anytime.

No Capex

The Climate Intelligence System is paid on a “Climate as a Service” basis, which requires no capital expenditure. The fixed Climate as a Service monthly fee, enables the product to pay for itself, without having to come up with any funds upfront.

Bottom line impact: Your SNF will be able to enjoy increased NOI – as your facility would save more than you would pay in your utility bills, making this choice a simple no-brainer.

There you have it, folks – a sure fire way of making your SNF profitable and efficient.

Interested in speaking to us? One of our climate experts is just a click away!