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How Connected Buildings can Transform Skilled Nursing Facilities

22 Apr. 2021
How Connected Buildings can Transform Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities, or SNFs, are joining the new trend of tapping into the power of the internet to transform the market. McKinsey found that connectivity improvements will add up to $25 billion annually to the building-controls market by 2025, and SNFs are poised to benefit as well. 


The average skilled nursing facility has 122 beds, and each resident has a different set of needs for their room. Having residents and staff manually adjust heating and cooling in each room leads to higher operational costs across the board for the building, but utilizing connectivity improvements can change this issue. By implementing a cloud data management solution, your facility can transform its operations forever. 

What does it mean for a building to be “connected”?

To fully understand the benefits of a connected facility, it’s important to understand what makes your rooms connectable. Connectable rooms have synergies that can be tapped into through a facility-wide system of sensors that feed data into a data analytics program. These synergies can be found in a variety of operations, including light use, temperature control, or even room occupancy monitoring.


In skilled nursing facilities, building management needs to consider the unique needs of every room to ensure that they are offering their clients the comfort they need without overspending on heating and cooling costs. For example, shared spaces like dining and recreation rooms may need to be kept at a certain temperature during certain times of day only, whereas each resident may have their own preference for how warm or cold to keep their room. In addition, air quality considerations are paramount in the age of COVID-19, and must be taken into account. 


Cloud data management offers three major benefits that could transform your facility today: scalability, consistency, and efficiency.

What benefits does cloud data management offer

  1. Scalability: cloud database management allows your facility to scale personalization at no additional cost. Cloud-based platforms allow you to manage as many rooms as necessary without incurring additional costs or sacrificing functionality.


2. Consistency: with a cloud-based solution, you can implement a standard operating procedure across the entire building. While connectivity is known for its large-scale  customization capabilities, these start with standard operating procedures that can be applied to every room. 


3. Efficiency: Because building operations are being managed through the internet, all of your rooms are tracked on one platform that can be managed and accessed from any mobile device. In large facilities like SNFs, centralized management reduces overhead costs, and ability to manage remotely improves overall efficiency.


For SNFs, cloud-data management offers the ability to uniquely tailor all of your residents’ experiences while cutting down on your operational costs. With a cloud-based solution, building management can monitor as many rooms as necessary and control their energy usage from one central platform. Connecting your building means optimizing comfort in rooms with residents and minimizing the costs of empty rooms.


Setpoint offers a Climate-as-a-service solution that utilizes a node network and an AI-driven platform to give you centralized control over your indoor climate and optimize energy usage. Reach out to one of our indoor climate experts to find out how Setpoint can start connecting your facility today.